About us

Natural Salumi since 1960

Welcome to the story of Natural Salumi, a charcuterie that, for over sixty years, has dedicated itself to crafting local artisanal cured meats, embodying a passion for gastronomic tradition and uncompromising quality. Founded in 1960, our company has deep roots in the heart of our community, committed to showcasing the finest local raw materials and preserving the authenticity of the flavors of the region.

Our Story:

Natural Salumi stems from an ancient family tradition, blending artisanal craftsmanship with the new challenges of sustainability. For generations, we have devoted ourselves to producing cured meats that carry the history of our lands and the handed-down savoir-faire from father to son. We take pride in continuing this tradition, offering our customers an authentic taste of local excellence.

Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to creating high-quality cured meats, using only the finest raw materials from local producers who share our passion for quality. Our commitment to environmental sustainability translates into the responsible use of resources, limited preservative use, and the adoption of eco-friendly production practices. Every slice of Natural Salumi is a blend of tradition, taste, and respect for the environment.

Our Artisanal Production

We produce, age, and care for each cured meat with the utmost attention and dedication, following artisanal methods passed down over the decades. Our production reflects a love for detail and a focus on quality, ensuring that every Natural Salumi product carries the essence of our roots and the unique character of our lands.

Our Vision:

Natural Salumi is not just a charcuterie but a guardian of local traditions and a promoter of healthy and sustainable cuisine. We share our passion through every slice of cured meat, inviting you to savor the authenticity of a product that goes beyond its flavor, telling the story of our roots and respect for our land.

Thank you for being part of our story.